You want someone on your side, he is it!!!

“Ken Stokes is a “pit- bull.” I called Ken frustrated and angry that I was getting the run around on a catastrophic claim. He was on it immediately. Came to my house the same day and examined the damage first- hand. He was their when I went through the appraisal process and umpire. Ken was fighting for me every step. When I didn’t get the result he expected, he unilaterally lowered his fee. He is obsessed with value and getting what you pay insurance for… satisfaction. You want someone on your side, he is it!! ”

Thomas Brown

They were polite, efficient and obtained excellent results

Original Offer from Insurance Company: $0 Stokes Public Adjusters received this amount for us: $14,919.20 (after deductible!) I am an insurance agent myself and have held my license for 18 years. My wife and I have owned our home in Kansas City, Missouri for eight years. We filed our first claim in eight years with Allstate Insurance Company and after waiting for 3 months for an adjuster and another two months for an engineer they sent, my insurance company said my claim was under my $1,000.00 deductible. It was then that I got extremely upset and called Stokes Public Adjusters. Within 15 days they inspected my home, had a roofer and other professionals inspect the damage, and sent me a check from my insurance company for almost $14,919.20 after applying my $1,000 deductible. They were extremely polite, efficient, and obtained excellent results. I would recommend them to anyone with an insurance claim in these difficult times. I no longer work in the insurance industry because insurance companies have grown difficult to deal with. That is why anyone with an insurance loss needs Stokes Public Adjusters to act on their behalf and eliminate the stress!

Stokes Public Adjusters got us almost double

When our house caught fire we were absolutely devastated. We couldn’t see the end of the tunnel. The insurance company was treating us like low class citizens, and in my opinion trying to cheat us. Before signing on with Stokes Public Adjusters we were a little unsure about working with a public adjuster, but now we know it was the best decision we could have made. We didn’t know there were people out there who would work on our side. Stokes Public Adjusters was able get us almost double what the insurance company initially offered. I am grateful to Kenny Stokes of Stokes Public Adjusters and if anyone ever experiences a tragedy such as this I will recommend them with flying colors.Thank you Kenny for getting us back home!

Barbara B

I recommend everyone hire Stokes Public Adjusters

I had water damage in my home after my washing machine malfunctioned. At first, I tried to handle the claim myself, but I was a little bitter when my insurance company offered me $ 2,500 to replace all the floors in my home. I hired Stokes Public Adjusters (Kenny Stokes) and received a total of $34,850 for the loss. Obviously this wasn’t something I knew enough about to fight myself. I appreciate the hard work and recommend everyone hire Stokes Public Adjusters to look after them.

Terry J.

Stokes Public Adjusters was recommended and we are ever so grateful

Several months ago we had a flood disaster in our home while we were away for the weekend. The damage was extensive. On the advice of just about everyone we spoke to, we decided to hire a public adjuster. Stokes Public Adjusters was recommended, and we are ever so grateful. Kenny Stokes was always professional, always responsive, and the course of events went just as he described he would. He prepared us for the worst, but we ended up with the best possible outcome. He maximized our insurance reimbursement. Thanks to Kenny we had enough to make all repairs with no cost out of our pocket and some left over for improvement. We have since recommended him to our family and friends for assistance with their claims. Hopefully, we’ll never be in a position to call upon him again, but if we are there would be no hesitation. Thank you!

Robert & Jane Taylor

Thank you for helping out with the claim the insurance company wouldn’t pay

Just wanted to say thank you Kenny for helping me out with the claim the insurance company wouldn’t pay. Without your help I would have received nothing. I had a leak in the wall of my bathroom sink piping. It did damage to my vanity, flooring, etc. I called the insurance company as soon as I noticed the damage–of course after I had the leak fixed. The insurance company was not going to pay because they said I should have known there was a leak. It didn’t leak into my basement. It leaked into my vanity which I don’t use except for seasonal things because of my closet in the bathroom. How is a person suppose to know there is a leak in their wall IF there are no visible signs. Here is a case where Kenny Stokes does right for the consumer. Without Kenny’s help I would be paying for all the damage loss
which should not have been my responsibility due to insurance I had purchased that tried to deny coverage until Kenny helped. Again, thank you. This is why if anyone is having trouble with their insurance paying they should contact you. I really appreciate all you did.

Jackie B.

You don’t have to accept a denied insurance claim

I just want to give Kenneth Stokes a big THANK YOU for representing us on our denied claim and getting our insurance company to PAY!!!! I truly believe God puts people back in our lives for a reason. I contacted Kenny about an insurance question not really knowing what his job entailed, I figured he worked for an insurance company. The more we emailed I realized that a public adjuster represents the policy holder and we could fight our denial with his help. I want people to know that you don’t have to accept a denied insurance claim! You can contact a public adjuster to fight for you and the perfect one to call is Stokes Public Adjuster!

Jill & Wayne Love