Thank you for helping out with the claim the insurance company wouldn’t pay

Just wanted to say thank you Kenny for helping me out with the claim the insurance company wouldn’t pay. Without your help I would have received nothing. I had a leak in the wall of my bathroom sink piping. It did damage to my vanity, flooring, etc. I called the insurance company as soon as I noticed the damage–of course after I had the leak fixed. The insurance company was not going to pay because they said I should have known there was a leak. It didn’t leak into my basement. It leaked into my vanity which I don’t use except for seasonal things because of my closet in the bathroom. How is a person suppose to know there is a leak in their wall IF there are no visible signs. Here is a case where Kenny Stokes does right for the consumer. Without Kenny’s help I would be paying for all the damage loss
which should not have been my responsibility due to insurance I had purchased that tried to deny coverage until Kenny helped. Again, thank you. This is why if anyone is having trouble with their insurance paying they should contact you. I really appreciate all you did.