Damage Info

Fire Damage:
Residential and commercial property can fall victim to fire, a small spark can set ablaze a massive structure. Fire damage is a devastating event that leaves owners in shock. The fire damage can be very severe, from complete destruction to terrible smoke damage. This type of damage proves our point we’re always promoting, “it’s never too early to connect with a Public Adjuster.” In many instances of fire damage so many different people get involved, fire department, police, city, neighbors, news media, you should make sure that your Public Adjuster is on the list.


One of the most common types of property damage in the Kansas City metro is from water. Damage from water in Kansas City can occur in both residential and commercial real estate. There are various types of damage and each kind of damage has specific water mitigation methods. Depending upon the cause of the damage and area of the property that absorbs the damage will determine the severity. It’s essential that when dealing with water that the problem be addressed as quickly, because water can cause tangential issues like mold and corrosion. Whether you’ve had an AC leak, pipe break, dishwasher water leak, shower leaks, and or pan leaks, SPA will look at the detailed and complete damage of the water both inside and outside your home or business.


Property owners in either commercial or residential properties have a risk of theft and vandalism. There are many factors that can increase or decrease these risks – such as location of the property, type of business, economic levels of the community, time of the year. Regardless, vandalism or stolen property is not an enjoyable situation and can be very frustrating to handle. SPA work with owners to get a clear understanding of the scenario and make sure the insurance claim is handled correctly.


Leaking Roof:

The damage is not just through water, but it’s possible during storms that trees are uprooted and fall onto homes or commercial property. A massive tree falling onto a roof is more common than you may think, and it often causes great damage to the roof and contents of the home. These are events, that in most cases, cannot be anticipated can leave homeowners defenseless to the elements. It’s vital to be protected with the proper insurance policy and take the appropriate steps file an insurance claim for roof damage. The discussion of roof damage is not black and white, there are rarely two cases that are the same. Each property has distinct features and its location can dictate the natural damages as well as unforeseen damage. It’s very important that a trained professional, like a public adjuster, visits your property to evaluate the roof damage. This is a smart way to proceed with the filing of an insurance claim for roof damage. When damage to the roofs does happen, it’s equally as important that the full damage be recognized, reported and repaired. A public adjuster will help you through this process.



Flood insurance is typically needs to be purchased in addition to a homeowner owner policy. More importantly, the term flood has a specific definition that’s often confusing for most people. A flood is when water from an existing water source, like a lake, rises up and enters the property. Usually when property owners see water in the property they’ll say, “my house is flooding!” Actually, this is water damage and is likely from a broken pipe or roof leak. This would not be a flood claim, but rather a broken pipe claim.



A public adjuster or an insurance broker will explain to a policyholder the limitations when it comes to mold coverage in an insurance policy. Mold is a nasty fungus that can take over a property and thrive in the most unsuspecting locations in a home or commercial property. Mold can be visible or invisible to the eye. In addition to the damage mold can do to a property it also has damaging effects on a person’s respiratory system. With all the detrimental effects that mold can have and its limitations in insurance policies, it’s vital that the mold be linked to water damage. SPA can help you handle put together a mold damage insurance claim.


Loss of Business:

Loss of business income is considered a defined period of time when the normal flow of income is interrupted for any reason. Loss of business income can be detrimental to the business because during this time period, in a business does not have reserve funds, employees cannot get paid, bills will be neglected and the business can fall apart. In order to ensure that a business is covered in the case of such an emergency, it is important for business owners to seek out loss of business income insurance.



Property damage to homes and commercial real estate in “Tornado Alley” is a major fear when tornado season rolls around each spring. Kansas City history is filled with tornados that have caused havoc for home and business owners. The severity of these storms have caused insurance companies to take exacting measures towards coverage and policies. It’s very important that property owners connect with a professional public adjuster at Stokes Public Adjusters, LLC to gain a clear understanding about their insurance coverage for tornado damage.